Polyurethane Interlocking Panels

Starting from the raw material of foodstuffs; It ensures that all of the places that can be considered as complementary to these facilities, including the facilities where one or more of the storage, classification, processing, evaluation, rendering, packaging works are carried out and the foodstuffs are stored to be sent to the sales places, and the transportation vehicles, are kept in accordance with technical and hygienic conditions.

Facilities that protect foodstuffs from external influences, are used in transportation, storage, distribution, processes and come into contact with food as defined in the Turkish Food Codex and European Union food storage rules, are produced, processed and stored hygienically and in accordance with the technique, and these facilities are complementary. Industrial Cold Storage Panels are preferred in all of the places to be counted.


Cold storage panels in 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 and 200 mm thicknesses are preferred according to the products to be stored in the storage areas and their properties. Thanks to the special production alternatives for the projects, savings and speed are provided by applying with minimum waste. Special twisting accessories; It prevents heat loss in floor - wall - ceiling junctions.

As stated in the Turkish Food Codex, COLD STORAGE PANELS; Not consumed as food alone, not used as food raw material and/or food processing aid, with or without nutritive value alone; It is used in order to preserve, correct or prevent undesired changes in the taste, smell, appearance, structure and other qualities of foodstuffs during the preparation, classification, processing, packaging, transportation, storage and distribution of foods, residues or derivatives of which can be found in the finished products during the process used in accordance with the selected technology. It is the best economical and heat-insulating material for storing permissible substances.

Our cold storage panels are IPN and B2 class according to TSE EN 14509 - 14501. They are fire resistant panels.

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