Turgay Karakuş Evaluated Vaccine Logistics Opportunities

  The experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTechSE also raised concerns about its cold storage and transportation. It is said that it may take years for the vaccine to be widely used around the world, in the face of the inadequacy of existing facilities for the storage and distribution of the vaccine, which is declared to provide 90% protection. Because the vaccine in question must be kept at -70 °C, or even lower, at -80 °C. Many existing hospitals and medical facilities do not have ultra-low temperature storage facilities.

  SOSİAD (Cooling Industry Business Peoples Association) Board Chairman Turgay Karakuş, "Coronavirus vaccine storage and transportation is not as difficult as finding the vaccine,” he says, and continues: “The Covid-19 pandemic, more than ever, has demonstrated the importance of cold storage and the entire cold chain. The world is going through a critical juncture. The coronavirus, which threatens all humanity, brings to light the needs of humanitys struggle for survival. As refrigeration industry professionals, we know that we have serious responsibilities in this process. Food is the basic requirement for humans to survive, the cold chain is very important for proper and healthy nutrition. The cold chain, which is important for food, is also of vital importance for vaccine studies that will stop the virus in the current period. Scientists involved in vaccine studies state that -80 °C should be provided for the vaccine to be stored and transported in healthy conditions. Achieving this is undoubtedly technically possible despite some difficulties and is no more difficult than the struggle to get rid of Covid-19. We, as the industry, know that we are capable of carrying such an important responsibility and that we can fulfill this responsibility with the utmost precision. Our hope is that this virus will be stopped before it harms more people and cuts them out of life. These critical conditions are possible with investment decisions to be taken without wasting time. The new and innovative technologies we use in the facilities we have already designed and implemented are capable of meeting the critical conditions required, they will only need expansions such as cascade systems. If it is; In the face of such importance, it can create an acceptable investment cost difference. We, as SOSİAD and the entire Turkish cooling sector, are ready to provide the necessary technical support and to participate in studies in making and implementing the necessary investment decisions in this direction. Our hope is that the vaccine is successful and stops the virus quickly. On behalf of our association and industry, we invite all humanity to take the necessary precautions, follow the rules and be patient.”

Release Date: 21 November 2022
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