FOTEG 2011

FOTEG ISTANBUL Food Processing Technologies International Specialization Fair is the meeting point of food processing equipment suppliers, food production industry representatives and senior managers. The fair provides important opportunities for the parties to learn about the latest trends in a wide market with exhibitors and visitors from various countries of the world.

As the Turkish economy develops, food for Turkey, Europe and North America has become a major market for the export of additives. Due to the increasing demand for better quality additives and more flavors in the sector, FOTEG ISTANBUL has become an ideal presentation place for those who want to enter this lucrative market. Those who want to get to know the quality additives, which are the prerequisites of quality food production, and to have information about the newest products in the sector; Producers aiming for higher standards meet at FOTEG ISTANBUL, an effective platform where they can increase their market share and discover new flavors.

Packaging and logistics are vital factors for the food industry. . No matter how high quality your products are, it is not possible to maintain your quality if you do not have an advanced packaging and logistics system. With the emergence of this awareness in Turkey in recent years, the packaging and logistics sectors have gained great importance, and the demand for the latest products in this field has increased rapidly. In recent years, the import of food packaging machinery has been growing rapidly with an increase of 12%. FOTEG ISTANBUL is a productive commercial environment where profitable collaborations will be created by bringing together industry professionals from all over the world in packaging, transportation, storage and distribution.

Release Date: 07 July 2011
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